“... interdisciplinary works are as exquisite and imaginative as they are unclassifiable.”
Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

Nature grounds my music. I witness trees and waterways connect earth and sky while living on occupied Ohlone land. In the midst of a climate crisis, I combine music composition, ecology, and protest as an Assistant Professor in Performing Arts & Social Justice at the University of San Francisco. Below are selected compositions.

2016 Water Partitas (vn/va/vc/db) variable
2015 Mò Shēng 墨声 Ink Sound (string quartet) 18’
2014 Lost Fireflies (vn vc pf) variable
2014 Tangosa (string trio) 1’
2013 Welladay! Welladay! Wayward Love Songs (sop vn vc pf) 58’
2007 Island: Theme and Migrations (two pianos) 11’
2002 Forbidden Circles (sop shakuhachi shamisen 17-string koto taiko) 6’
2002 Salt Lips Touching (haegŭm jing kkwaenggwari) 8’
1996 Weaving (shakuhachi) 11’
1995 Tree Wind Echo (vn hp) 17’

2019 Music Opens (SATB) 4'
2017 The Ones, a.k.a. (Be)longing, a.k.a. Trigger (participatory hip-hop oratorio) 120’
2015 Turbine (moving choir along the water) 60’
2005 Surrender: A T’ai Qi Cantata (24 moving voices) 6’
2001 Tian Wen 天文: Questions of Heaven (36 voices w/metal keys) 11’
2000 Tzu Lho: Simmering Songs (36 voices w/72 pieces of paper) 7’
1997 Holding (5 voices w/10 rocks) 5’

2011 The Mother of Us All (kora laptop soundtrack) 68’
2010 Farewell: A Fantastical Contemplation on America’s Relationship with China (vv erhu vc perc bicycle-wheels cassette-players soundtrack) 80’
2010 3Seasons (vn toy-pf perc electronics; version 2 for vn soundtrack) 39’
2006 Samai: Lost in Time (v perc soundtrack) 11’
2005 Becoming (bluegrass-vv gtr sarod tabla perc) 15’

Film & Television
2004 The Moment of Falling (vv mouth-hp paper) 5’
1999 Precious Children (cch db Chinese-drums) 22’

Installation & Site-Responsive
2018 Activist Songbook (vv gtr pno perc) variable
2014 Piano Concerto–Houston (11 pianists) 121’
2012 O(pa)pera Phase I (vv erhu vn vc tbn toy-pf typewriter perc paper) 38’
2008 Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas (hiking vv perc) variable
2006 Ishquoh: Where Sounds Meet (cch vc rocks) variable
2006 Mare Insularum: Sea of Islands (water cassette recorders) variable
2004 YIJU 移居: Songs of Dislocation (vv paper erhu drums mouth-hp water-gongs) 43’
1996 Bird Footprints, Turtle Markings (vv clay drums gongs cloth plastic) variable

Orchestra, Opera & Theatre
2018 The War of the Roses (vv elec gtr) 240’
2017 Madame Ho (vv er-hu) 90'
2014 The Orphan of Zhao (vv vn vc perc water soundtrack) 120’
2013 Stuck Elevator (vv rapper vn vc perc bicycle-wheel soundtrack) 81’
2013 Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden (fl ob cl bn hn tpt tbn tb perc hp strings) variable
2004 Cell: an Electronic Age Vaudeville (vaudeville-crooners drums cell-phones) 19’
2004 Axis: from Silk Road to Terror (sop ten vc bull-hn perc) 12’
2002 Woman, Monkey & Kabuki Joe (sop mouth-hp erhu harm pf perc) 58’
2001 Sao 掃: Sweep (vv gongs drums water) 11’

Percussion & Taiko
2010 Fifteen (vn taiko) 8’
2007 Ji Mo 寂寞: The Stillness of Solitude (vv xun erhu bamboo water rocks drums) 19’
2007 News (bamboo paper taiko) 6’
2006 Piao Zhu 飄竹: Flying Bamboo (vv mouth-hp water perc) variable
2006 After-Effect (turntable snare taiko) 6’
2003 Home (minyo-singers taiko-ensemble) variable
2003 Two by Four (nagauta-v taiko) 6’
2003 Crazy Eights (taiko-ensemble) 8’

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2014 Piano Concerto–Houston
2013 Welladay! Welladay! Wayward Love Songs
2013 Stuck Elevator Demo
2012 YIJU 移居 (Present Sounds Recordings)
2010 Farewell: A Fantastical Contemplation on America’s Relationship with China
2009 Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas
2009 “News” and “Home” on Rhythms of Change (Portland Taiko)
2007 BreathPlay
2005 “Two by Four” on Dust and Sand (On Ensemble)
2001 Walking (Periplum)
1999 “Edge” on China Exchange (New World Records)