“Audacious, compelling and hugely imaginative!”
~Leo Stutzin, Huffington Post

As the queer son of Chinese immigrants in America, I search for ways music connects people with the places they call home. Raised in Seattle, I currently live where the trees and waterways retain power alongside digital technology. This informs my songs of dislocation created to honor the ritual of people who gather to listen.

10/10 to 11/16 Exinclusivity–Space of Inclusion · Oakland
11/15 to 11/16 The Ones Reading at NYU · New York
11/17 Activist Songbook Workshop · New Haven
12/14 Chan Family Picnic Reading at CHSA · San Francisco

2019 “United We Stand” article about the course Gun Violence, Music, and Youth

In Development:
9 Lifeboats · performance installation about climate displacement
Activist Songbook · 53 songs and raps to counteract hate
Chan Family Picnic · a new vaudeville about Chinese America
    I teach courses that incorporate composition, ecology, and protest as an Assistant Professor and Faculty Producer of Music in Performing Arts & Social Justice at the University of San Francisco.

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    Byron Au Yong
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