Water Partitas

for violin, viola, cello, and/or bass
“Au Yong’s music was entirely new to me and I loved it immediately.”
~Rebecca Fischer, violinist

In Development
Water Partitas cycle through various states. String players start anywhere, go anywhere and repeat freely. Each page is part of this water cycle.

The score can be arranged throughout a venue on any size paper. Amplification and looping pedals can be used to enhance the sound. Performing without electronics inside an empty cistern, cathedral or other cavernous space also works.

Water Partita score by composer Byron Au Yong
The Afield Residency at Aster Montessori School
Cambridge MA

January 6, 2017
The Afield (Rebecca Fischer and Anthony Hawley) at National Sawdust
Brooklyn NY

Friday, August 19, 2016
Time Pieces at Bay Chamber Concerts
Union Hall, Rockport ME

August 3, 2016
Tari Nelson-Zagar, John Teske, Alina To and others perform Water Partitas 1-9
INCA Institute, Seattle WA

July 17-August 20, 2016
Matthew Offenbacher Exhibition
INCA Institute, Seattle WA

Video Demo

Anthony Hawley prompted Water Partitas by commissioning a solo for his wife, violinist Rebecca Fischer, to play. We talked about travel, devotion and water. I sketched quiet sounds.

Information scientist and violinist Tari Nelson-Zagar also prompted these partitas. She spoke about playing Bach Partitas on the streets of downtown Seattle. She wanted a contemporary pairing and commissioned a solo.

While composing the two requests in tandem, musical ideas flowed together. Thinking of water in three basic states: liquid, solid and vapor, I found 54 ways water appears and disappears. These form musical gestures which inform each page/part.

Duration: variable

Water Partitas contain parts to be played in any order. Three are dedicated for Becca at 40 from Anthony. Another three are dedicated to Tari. Three are dedicated to Alina To, John Teske and Matthew Offenbacher on the occasion of his exhibition at the Institute for New Connotative Action.

Contact me to commission all or part of Water Partitas 10-18. Someday all the parts will sound together as string players from many backgrounds find common ground.
Water Partita score by composer Byron Au Yong
Water Partita score by composer Byron Au Yong