It's always a pleasure to work with choreographer Donald Byrd. I appreciate how he challenges my aesthetic and how clear his instructions are for what he wants musically. In March, Donald asked me to remix tracks for Spectrum Dance Theatre's Petruchska. He specifically wanted a carnival-girlie-show-feel that had a groove.

I laughed, "What do I know about girlie show music?!"

Spectrum Dance Theater presents Petruchska, Donald Byrd’s re-imagining of the Igor Stravinsky/Alexandre Benois ballet about ill-fated love. With a live carnival, roving performers, and multimedia installation, this voyeuristic immersion in the puppets' world will literally have the audience following the story as it unfolds throughout Madrona Park and into SDT’s studios and theater. This "creep show" ushers the audience into participating as viewers and witnesses in the lurid drama of life behind the puppet show.

Experience Spectrum Dance Theatre's Petruchska from April 13-22, 2012
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