Farm Hack

If you work on a small farm, garden in a p-patch, tinker in your yard or want to be inspired by people who grow food and refashion junk into treasure, check out Farm Hack. This is a new resource started by the National Young Farmer's Coalition.

Farm Hack is set-up as a blog where inventors can contribute ideas on how to make useful tools for farming out of seemingly useless items. Posts include how to mulch with found materials such as carpet squares as well as how to use the free 3D modeling tool Google SketchUp. Perhaps one day Farm Hack will be as popular as Ikea Hacker.

What?! You don't know about Ikea Hacker? This ingenious blog was started in 2006. Folks contribute ideas on alternate uses for Ikea items such as using the blue bag as a raincoat for their dog or turning a table on it's side to become a weaving loom.

I praise both of these blogs for their practical creativity. Food and shelter are basic but don't need to be boring.