New Opera

I'm in the midst of composing a chamber opera set after the world has been flooded to be performed at Aldeburgh Music in late October. The music is taking an odd turn. I've decided to go what-the-world-sounds-like-post-flood-from-Tapi's-mind. Tapi is the main character, a guy who sits atop a telephone pole and fishes for objects that float by.

He thinks he's the last person on earth so his mind is always on edge like the lip of a waterfall. Combine this with his blue collar youth and messed up university days where he had a crush on the librarian to his first kiss at age nine in the natural history museum next to the woolly mammoth [mammuthus primigenius] display by Lucy, the girl with pony tails and this generates a quirky musical route that is endearing and nostalgic and a bit indie rock with Kagel and the other avant-garde cat-calling from the back row.

There is also a sense of the spiritual with the ever-present aura of the sacred water drone near the horizon and the tap-tap-tap of the typewriter.

His musical world gets totally way-laid with the entrance of another man [!] Yu, a bit too majestic chinese operatic right now, but my mind is trying to find that balance for the listener where the too-much of kitsch is a delight rather than turn-off.