From Issaquah to Tokyo

IshquohYesterday was the first cloudy day we've had in a few weeks. I was worried because that night Ishquoh was to be performed outdoors alongside the train tracks in Issaquah.

As Betsy, Vincent, and I rode over the I-90 bridge, we noticed the clouds lift. It became the perfect autumn evening to search for a sound called Ishquoh.

Here's a photo from the performance. I have many thoughts about the process of creating this site-specific musical ceremony and about the significance of the environment.

In a few hours, I go from the natural landscape of Issaquah with 17,000 residents to the metropolitan area of Tokyo with 13 million residents. I have performances of Forbidden Circles at the International House of Japan's New Hall and Spatial Sounds at the Tokyo Art Museum.

Being in another country always makes me think about home, unless I'm in Vancouver. In Canada, I think about eating.