Cuckoo Crow

Tellous Records is holding a CONTEST FOR FREE TICKETS to the Degenerate Art Ensemble's premiere of Cuckoo Crow at the Moore Theater.

Here is my entry:

(Press play to hear this complex recording performed by just one performer. Below are the lyrics. Feel free to sing along.)

Hello, my name is Byron Au Yong, and this is my song entitled Give Me Free Tickets to Cuckoo Crow:

I've heard you with open ears
from the 90s, those were the years
when we got drunk from a few beers.Degenerate (#@%&!) ($@#%*)
Degenerate (#@%&!) ($@#%*)
Degenerate Art Ensemble. [2x]

I'm just a guy without hope.
I'm just a guy who hates the pope.
You are my mythic kaleidoscope.

Degenerate (&%^$#) ($#@%*)
Degenerate (^!@*%) (*^&$!)
Degenerate Art Ensemble. [2x]

What, oh what
would it take from me
to get those free tickets
to your jamboree?

I will fight
for the right to sit
near the orchestra pit
where the light from the drum kit
will bless me.

Please bless me oh Cuckoo Crow.

Money doesn't grow on trees.
I'm begging on my hands and knees:
Select me Cuckoo Crow, oh please...

Degenerate (*^&%@) (!#@%$)
Degenerate (^$%#*) (*&^#!)
Degenerate Art Ensemble. [2x]

Contest Results updated 10 March 2006
A personal message from DAE, Tellous, and Sue the cat:
dear beautiful everybody who entered the contest for dae tickets:

thank you for all your submissions.....from the person who had a magnet in their stomach, montage of chaotic children, women's health worker, crow themed photos, dae drinking anthem [This must be my entry!], stewie's uncle, our pal sam (who was in the dae!), butoh bretheren, video sound collage artists, paurl's mold wielding landlord, stream of conciousness was very hard to choose a winner.


so here's the deal. it is fricken impossible to judge you guys. you all do something of creative or good natured merit and, the only solution we can conceive of, at all, is to assign each of your names a number and put them into a big ol hat!
Ah well, even though my name wasn't chosen for tickets, lovely Olivia offered me a super seat for a super deal. And hey, another song was born.