The Stranger Preview of Surrender

Christopher DeLaurenti wrote a nice preview article of my upcoming choral work Surrender: A T'ai Qi Cantata for 24 moving voices in The Stranger. Here's an excerpt:
Byron Au Yong, a Seattle composer whose work elegantly mingles folk elements with theatrical staging and an astute ear for the avant... defiantly dispels the fumbling tokenism of the 'exotic' that bedevils so many composers.... 
Several years ago at the Esoterics' performance of Au Yong's Tian Wen, I was enchanted by the slow movement of the singers who circulated around a church altar while chanting an irregular, yet soft, vocal line. It was meditative music without the mush and just a hint of muscle. 
Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger, 11 August 2005
Check out the full text at The Stranger.