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Westminster Choir College Residency
March 22 to April 14, 2016

Composer Byron Au Yong and librettist Aaron Jafferis are on a four-week residency at Westminster Choir College to workshop Trigger.

Au Yong's residency workspace

Free Public Events at Westminster Choir College
March 24 · Composer Lecture · Talbott Library
April 9 · Locations and Dislocations Keynote by Au Yong · Bristol Chapel
April 9 · Locations and Dislocations Conference Concert · Bristol Chapel
April 12 · Trigger Workshop Public Presentation · Hamilton House

Byron Au Yong and students at Westminster Choir College
Au Yong and students gather around the piano to learn a song from Trigger

Guest Teaching
Au Yong and Jafferis lead eight classes as part of a Music and Trauma course. They and the students present material from Trigger at the end of the workshop. In addition, Au Yong and Jafferis discuss teaching difficult histories with over 100 students in the Music Education Lab. For composition students, Au Yong gives a Composer Lecture and the following week leads a Composer Masterclass.

Trigger Workshop Presentation

Special Thanks
Elaine Caron, Dr. Eric Hung, Dr. Sharon Mirchandani, Dr. Sharon Morrow, Associate Dean Marshall Onofrio, Dr. Joel Phillips, Anne Sears, Dean Matthew Shaftel, and Westminster Choir College students


Third Residency
April 11 to 19, 2015
Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

Interviews & Meetings
· Center for the Arts + ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology) Staff
· Director of Alumni Relations, Office of Recovery and Support
· Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center
· Gun Dialogue Planning Team
· VTV Family Foundation

Events & Performances
· 3.2 Mile Run in Remembrance (Aaron participates)
· April 16th Memorial Lighting of Ceremonial Candle (midnight)
· April 16th Moment of Silence (9:43am & 11:27pm)
· April 16th Community Picnic
· April 16th Memorial Extinguishing of Ceremonial Candle (11:59pm)
· Australian Chamber Orchestra
· Creating to Heal: an exhibition of quilts and recordings from the April 16th condolence archive
· Islamic Worlds Festival
· Itraab Ensemble
· Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider
· VT Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Pageant

Thanks to the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech for a third residency full of meetings and learning. Aaron and Byron met with members of Conversation NRV, as well as faculty, staff and students from Virginia Tech who are in Alumni Relations, Asian American Student Union, the Cook Counseling Center, Sociology, the VTV Family Foundation, and more. It was an opportunity to attend events related to the April 16th Memorial and Islamic Worlds Festival.

Additional Thanks
Scott Bailey, Alan Davis, Debbie Day, Naphtali Fields, Christopher Flynn, Jim Hawdon, Miles Le, Holly Lesko, Andy Morikawa, Samaha Family, Ellie Sturgis, Leighton Vila


Second Residency
October 27 to November 9, 2014
Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

The theatrical performance serves as an anchor for Trigger Community: thematically-related artistic, scholarly and technology resources in the form of academic panels, digital stories, site-specific events, spoken word slams, street performances, and more developed by local groups in consultation with the creative team. Trigger Community, considers the word “trigger” as an adjective and verb, as well as noun. Groups are invited to think about belonging and isolation, forgiveness and justice, freedom and safety, along with other themes in relation to education, guns, race, and other topics sparked by Trigger. Individuals from campus clubs and civic organizations converse through the creation of art as strategies to prevent public shootings.

Aspen Sante Fe Ballet, Basetrack Live, Bretano String Quartet, Stories We Carry

Special Thanks
Jon Catherwood-Ginn and Ruth Waalkes (Center for the Arts), Conversation NRV, Gene Deisinger, Nikki Giovanni, Jacob Grohs, Jim Hawdon, Holly Lesko, Peace and Violence class, Students for Non-Violence, VT Expressions, and others


First Residency
April 15-18, 2014
Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

· Dean of Students
· Center for Peace Director
· Directing and Public Dialogue, School of Performing Arts Professor
· Community Engagement Research Faculty

· April 16th Memorial Lighting of Ceremonial Candle (11:59pm)
· April 16th Community Picnic
· April 16th Memorial Extinguishing of Ceremonial Candle (11:59pm)
· Elizabeth Wallace Pastels of the 32 Hokies lost on April 16, 2007
· From Then to Now: an exhibition in two parts about April 16th

Special Thanks
Center for the Arts, Tom Brown, Jim Hawdon, Bob Leonard, Holly Lesko
Dedicated to intercultural collaboration, Byron Au Yong composes songs of dislocation, music for a changing world. He teaches in Performing Arts & Social Justice at the University of San Francisco.

Byron Au Yong & Christopher Yohmei Blasdel: BreathPlay

Byron Au Yong: Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas
Kidnapping Water:
Bottled Operas
Byron Au Yong: Yiju