The War of the Roses

Theater Music
for voices, electric guitar

“... adrenaline-pumping music.” ~Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

Cal Shakes Artistic Director Eric Ting and Dramaturg Philippa Kelly created an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Parts 1-3 & Richard III. Music for the production included the 14-person cast singing, with Josh Pollack on electric guitar with live processing, for the 4-hour production.
“The music for The War of the Roses is grounded in Viking aesthetics. Shakespeare was influenced by Old Norse culture. Check out Amleth, the precursor to Hamlet. Moreover, Queen Margaret’s agency is similar to how Viking women held power, from managing their husbands to fighting in battles. 
Two contemporary musicians I adore include Norwegian metal folk composer/musician Einar Selvik and Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør Pálsdóttir. I was also influenced by 13th century French polyphony, known as the Ars Nova, and the neo-folk metal band Heilung from Denmark, Germany, and Norway.
For this production, I got to work with actor/composer/musician Josh Pollack. Josh creates an astounding array of sounds using the electric guitar with effects pedals. These sounds range from low rumbles to whirring orbits to Viking metal riffs.”
from an Interview with Philippa Kelly

Cal Shakes in Orinda · August/September 2018 (Program)

Creative Team
Eric Ting, director
Nina Ball, scenic designer
Jiyoun Chang, lighting designer
Anna R. Oliver, costume designer
Byron Au Yong, composer and music director
Brendan Aanes, sound and media designer
Erika Chong Shuch, choreographer
Dave Maier, fight director
Jessica Berman, vocal, text, and dialect coach
Philippa Kelly, dramaturg
Charles M. Turner III, stage manager

Aldo Billingslea
Aysan Celik
Lance Gardner
Abdulrahim Harara
Justin Howard
Catherine Luedtke
Sarita Ocón
Joseph Patrick O’Malley
Joshua Pollack
Stacy Ross
Danny Scheie
Marie Sadd
Iris Stone
Jomar Tagatac

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