(Be)longing at Arts & Ideas

“A powerfully moving, beautifully sung oratorio.”
~Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant

Prompted by judgments around the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook tragedies, (Be)longing reflects on the impact of violence and considers deeper ways to connect and build communities of safety and support with locally cast singers, beatboxers, hip-hop artists, and audiences.

Long Wharf Theatre
June 17 & 18, 2017, 2PM

Byron Au Yong, composer
Aaron Jafferis, librettist
Charlotte Brathwaite, director
Stephanie Tubiolo, music director
Ni’Ja Whitson, choreographer/associate director
Ben Zamora, designer
Justin Partier, tech director
Joanne Pan, stage manager
ArKtype/Thomas O. Kriegsmann, producer

Aaron “Coach Hawk” Hawkins, Aldebaran Ryan, Amelia Sherwood, Anne Rhodes, Anton Kot, Arianna Rivera, Brianna Alexis Chance, Brittany Palmer, Clifford Schloss, Connor Lloyd, Dwannah McKnight-Alegria, Hanifa Washington, Jaezmyne J. Pheanious-Browne, Jalah Woods, Katie Jones, Keelin Mathews, Kejuan Simmons, Keona-Marie Gomes, Malcolm Welfare, Michael Bethune Jr., Muza Gornostaeva, Nijuan Simmons, Paul Davies, Salwa Abdussabur, Sara Culver, Chaz “Sunny Chi” Carmon, Tahjee Galberth, Vera Blaas, Wali Muhammad


Activate (Be)longing New Haven connects individuals and organizations who share a passion for keeping young people alive with artistic and participatory events:

June 8 Survival of the Fittest: Youth, Guns, and the Culture of Violence
June 14 Explore the Song in You
June 22 Life After Death: Healing from Grief and Loss

Interview with Valerie Richardson on Radio Something

Question (Be)longing
“Why do young people in this country shoot each other, or get shot?
And how do I recover from losing young people I knew, or not?
And how can I and the people I love get these shootings to stop?”

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