(Be)longing Third Residency

Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech
April 11-19, 2015

Interviews & Meetings
  • Center for the Arts + ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology) Staff
  • Director of Alumni Relations, Office of Recovery and Support
  • Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center
  • Gun Dialogue Planning Team
  • VTV Family Foundation
  • 3.2 Mile Run in Remembrance (Aaron participates)
  • April 16th Memorial Lighting of Ceremonial Candle (midnight)
  • April 16th Moment of Silence (9:43am & 11:27pm)
  • April 16th Community Picnic
  • April 16th Memorial Extinguishing of Ceremonial Candle (11:59pm)
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Creating to Heal: an exhibition of quilts and recordings from the April 16th condolence archive
  • Islamic Worlds Festival
  • Itraab Ensemble
  • Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider
  • VT Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Pageant
Thanks to the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech for a third residency full of meetings and learning. Aaron and Byron met with members of Conversation NRV, as well as faculty, staff and students from Virginia Tech who are in Alumni Relations, Asian American Student Union, the Cook Counseling Center, Sociology, the VTV Family Foundation, and more. It was an opportunity to attend events related to the April 16th Memorial and Islamic Worlds Festival.

Additional Thanks
Scott Bailey, Alan Davis, Debbie Day, Naphtali Fields, Christopher Flynn, Jim Hawdon, Miles Le, Holly Lesko, Andy Morikawa, Samaha Family, Ellie Sturgis, Leighton Vila