(Be)longing Second Residency

Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech
October 27 to November 9, 2014

The theatrical performance serves as an anchor for Trigger Community: thematically-related artistic, scholarly and technology resources in the form of academic panels, digital stories, site-specific events, spoken word slams, street performances, and more developed by local groups in consultation with the creative team. Trigger Community, considers the word “trigger” as an adjective and verb, as well as noun. Groups are invited to think about belonging and isolation, forgiveness and justice, freedom and safety, along with other themes in relation to education, guns, race, and other topics sparked by Trigger. Individuals from campus clubs and civic organizations converse through the creation of art as strategies to prevent public shootings.

  • Aspen Sante Fe Ballet
  • Basetrack Live
  • Bretano String Quartet
  • Stories We Carry

Special Thanks
Jon Catherwood-Ginn and Ruth Waalkes (Center for the Arts), Conversation NRV, Gene Deisinger, Nikki Giovanni, Jacob Grohs, Jim Hawdon, Holly Lesko, Peace and Violence class, Students for Non-Violence, VT Expressions, and others