Dohee Lee Interview

Here’s an excerpt of an interview of Dohee Lee and the MAGO Project at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from November 14-15, 2014, in San Francisco:

with Dohee Lee at YBCA
From my Jeju journey, I realized two things that enrich the stories and structure of my performance. The first is the silent part of memories and the feeling of absence. I also discovered the Crow as a messenger by learning more about the April 3rd Massacre [nearly 30,000 people from Jeju Island were killed during a year-long rebellion known as the Jeju Uprising that began in April 1948].

My research in Jeju brought memories I had never noticed before. It was about a renewed awareness and intention to look at my hometown differently. I used to feel happy to see my grandparents and hometown. I used to feel excited to see my relatives. I used to feel joy to see the beautiful hills, mountains and ocean. But this time was different.

I grieved. I was shocked. I was horrified. These were new emotions. Now, I feel more deeply connected to my hometown: where I’m from, who I am, why I am, and what I am doing.

Since my trip to Jeju was to do research and work on a documentary film about the April 3rd Massacre in Jeju, I had to warm up my memories; but, unfortunately, what I remember is the silence of the village.

I could smell and taste that thick silence.”

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