Welladay! Press

Nonsequitur presents Welladay! Welladay! Wayward Love Songs on Saturday, October 19, 2013, at the Chapel Performance Space in the Good Shepherd Center, Seattle. Here are some press quotes:

A&P: Seattle Art & Performance Quarterly (Fall 2013)
Seattle Weekly (September 2013)
New songs from the exquisite and off-kilter mind of composer Byron Au Yong.
International Examiner (October 2013)
Au Yong also takes inspiration from the fact that the performance space was once an orphanage and home for unwed mothers and “at risk” girls.
The Stranger (October 2013)
In the music, you might hear echoes of the old laundry—blankets being folded, stones being rubbed on water. And love letters being crumpled. Au Yong is personally “in a difficult place with love,” he says. And on the flip side, “As an artist, he has a lot of love to share,” says Tiffany Lin, the pianist, who has worked with Au Yong before. He tends to inspire loyalty for his thoughtful approach integrating classicism with improvisation, spiritual and emotional exploration with preparedness and rigor.