Artists' View of Seattle

Visiting Seattle?

Here's a free brochure from Visit Seattle, where 24 Seattle artists share places of inspiration. As part of the Artists' View of Seattle (PDF), I tell where to get ice cream & play Ms. Pac-Man at the same time.

It's an honor to be alongside Spectrum Dance Theatre's artistic director Donald Byrd. For Donald, I composed & performed music on Farewell: A Fantastical Contemplation on America's Relationship with China + The Mother of Us All. I also remixed Stravinsky for their carnival girlie show in Petruchska.

Along with Donald talking about The Duck driving into Lake Union, check out favorite Seattle places & experiences from food writer Langdon Cook, trombonist/sound artist Stuart Dempster, Northwest band The Maldives, cartoonist Ellen Forney, sculptor John Grade, MC Thomas Gray, painter Fay Jones, media artist Susie J. Lee, poet Heather McHugh, artist Jeffry Mitchell, Seattle Symphony music director Ludovic Morlot, sculptor/printmaker Marvin Oliver, musician Jon Osebold, choreographer Zoe Scofield, filmmaker Lynn Shelton, author Garth Stein, photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela, playwright Cheryl West and glass artist Mark Zirpel.

Interviews by Jess van Nostrand, with location photos by Frank Huster. Below is a pull-out from the brochure.