Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden

Orchestral Work
inspired by classical Chinese gardens, John Cage and the occupy movement

“I had been wandering among the coconuts.”
~Paul Dailing, 1,001 Chicago Afternoons

Duration c. 9-15 minutes
Instrumentation variable (winds, brass, percussion, strings, other)
Site-responsive work written for the Chicago Composers Orchestra and audience
2013 Performance at Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago

Audio Excerpt

available at Bandcamp

Program Notes
“The emotions—
love, mirth, the heroic, wonder, tranquility, fear, anger, sorrow, disgust
—are in the audience.”  ~John Cage

Walk the zigzag path into a Chinese garden where jagged rocks, misty lakes and meandering walls welcome you. Walk the crowded pavement into a general assembly of the occupy movement where idealistic students, homeless parents and concerned citizens welcome you. We gather here/hear now in the Chinese garden and general assembly of our imaginations.

You can listen. You can watch. You can rustle your papers, walk around the garden, record the event and chant your phrase. This is y/our space. This is y/our time. We shall gather all around, finding power in our sound.

Welcome to Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden

  • Sarah van Gelder, This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street & the 99% movement, 2011
  • John Cage, Silence: Lectures & Writings, 1961
  • Ji Cheng (计成), The Craft of Gardens (园冶), 1631
Press Quote
“As I wandered among the musicians and plants, I noticed how many people were capturing the moment. Photographers, mostly. Professional, a lot of them, with sacks and bags and oversized equipment sometimes with the labels of whatever storeroom or newspaper, magazine checkout space they borrowed the damn thing from.

There were a lot of the individual cell phone camera types who can’t look at the world without recording it. Even me, with my little dictaphone, the little Olympus that’s lasted five years and sixty dollars.

Maybe that’s what music is now. Performance has turned from an arrow to a circle.”

Paul Dailing, 1,001 Chicago Afternoons, January 2013


available at Bandcamp