Infinity Garden

Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden, a page from the score
Free and Open to the Public

January 9, 2013, 6:30PM

Open Rehearsal
January 8, 10AM-Noon

300 N Central Park Ave
Chicago IL 60624
(773) 638-1766

“The emotions – love, mirth, the heroic, wonder, tranquility, fear, anger, sorrow, disgust – are in the audience.” John Cage


Walk the zigzag path into a Chinese garden where jagged rocks, misty lakes and meandering walls welcome you. Walk the crowded pavement into a general assembly of the occupy movement where idealistic students, homeless parents and concerned citizens welcome you.

We gather here/hear now in the Chinese garden and general assembly of our imaginations. You can listen. You can watch. You can rustle your papers, walk around the garden, record the event and chant your phrase. This is y/our space. This is y/our time. We shall gather all around, finding power in our sound.

Welcome to Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden.

* * *

The Chicago Composers Orchestra returns to the Garfield Park Conservatory to create a musical experience amidst lush plant life. Join us to hear Lawrie Bloom perform Chicago composer Lawrence Axelrod’s Pos Metaphonos for bass clarinet & orchestra. Also experience how Seattle-based composer Byron Au Yong draws inspiration from the occupy movement, John Cage & Chinese gardens, plus explore new possibilities in sound & space created by Bruce Saylor with Chicago composers Brian Baxter & Chris Fisher-Lochhead.

Lawrence Axelrod: Pos Metaphonos (featuring J. Lawrie Bloom on bass clarinet)
Byron Au Yong: Occupy Orchestra 無量園 Infinity Garden
Brian Baxter: Spring Song
Chris Fisher-Lochhead: Bludgeon Me
Bruce Saylor: The Image Maker