On Ensemble performs Two by Four, photo by Mark Eby
Byron Au Yong has worked with the leading taiko performers in Japan and North America. His compositions have been performed by Kaho Tosha (Forbidden Circles) and are recorded by On Ensemble (Dust and Sand) and Portland Taiko (Rhythms of Change). Additionally, Au Yong has served as music consultant for TAIKOPROJECT as well as workshop leader for North American Taiko Conferences and Regional Taiko Gatherings in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Portland, and Seattle.

“When we were looking to commission work from composers whom we felt would push our art form in new directions, Byron was an obvious choice. The work he composed for us, Two by Four has become a central part of our repertoire. I recommend Byron in the strongest language possible.” – Shoji Kameda, On Ensemble 
“Eternal appreciation for the work you did with Portland Taiko. You provided us with the much-needed encouragement, reflection, and thoughtfulness to get us through this important milestone. It is always great to work with you.” – Michelle Fujii, Unit Souzou 
“Musical consultant Byron Au Yong returns to LA for a brief visit to go over musical development of the show. Thank you Byron, for taking the time to jump on out for a quick weekend and your input and creativity! We miss you in LA (don... kadon... kadokodon don...)” – Bryan Yamami, TAIKOPROJECT
Awards from the American Composers Forum, Creative Capital and Meet the Composer acknowledge the unique and effective ways Byron composes work. He brings training in Western classical and Asian traditional music to help discover ways for taiko groups to develop existing and new repertoire.
Byron provides the outside ears necessary for artistic directors and musicians. He offers feedback from multiple perspectives informed by his experience as a performer, teacher and composer. 
Teaching Rhythmic Fundamentals and Listening to Music in the Dance Department at Cornish College of the Arts has allowed Byron to refine his workshop methods for musicians who move as well as dancers who play drums.
North American Taiko Conference
Taught Seven Ways to Develop Material, Stanford (2011)
Taught Seven Ways to Develop New Material, Los Angeles (2009)
Regional Taiko Gathering
Composition Track, Portland (2012)
Taught Chinese Drumming Patterns, Seattle (2010)
Taught Composing for Taiko, Portland (2006)
Co-coordinated the Pacific Northwest conference, Seattle (1998)
Portland Taiko
Composed Fifteen, for violin and taiko (2010)
Composer/Consultant for Rhythms of Change CD (2009)
Composer-in-Residence (2007)
Consultant for touring show The Way Home (2007)
Composed News, for paper, bamboo and taiko (2007)
Composed Ji Mo 寂寞: The Stillness of Solitude, for quartet (2007)
Seattle Betsuin
Co-composed Seattle Omoide Ondo (2007) 
On Ensemble
Composed After-Effect, for taiko and turntable (2005)
Two by Four released on Dust and Sand CD (2005)
Composed Two by Four, for nagauta voice, taiko and gongs (2003)
Composed Crazy Eights, for taiko ensemble (2003)
Co-composed Home, for taiko ensemble, with Michelle Fujii (2003)
Music Consultant for (re)generation (2002-2003)
Uzume Taiko Ensemble
Performances in Canada (1999)
Performed at Taiko Jam in Los Angeles (1999)
Performed at Vancouver Folk Music Festival (1999)
Performed at Vancouver Playhouse (1999)
Managed Belgium Tour (1999)
Seattle Kokon Taiko
Performances in Oregon, Washington (1996-1998)
Performed at Taiko Jam in Los Angeles (1997)
Okinawan Taiko
Studied with Wataru Shinjo (1995-96)
Northwest Taiko
Performed in Montana, Oregon, Washington (1993-1996)
Media & Writing
Au Yong, Byron. Imagining a Future for Taiko. September 2012.
Au Yong, Byron and Chad Williams. New Music for Taiko. Video, August 2011.
Au Yong, Byron. The Eight Biennial North American Taiko Conference. NewMusicBox, August 2011.