Magma Festival in CityArts

photo by Nate Watters

Nate Watters wrote a blurb and posted a dozen fabulous photographs in CityArts about Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Festival.

Here's an excerpt:
"Byron Au Yong (erhu), Paul Rucker (cello) and Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin) stepped outside the string-tied box to make some unique sounds with their instruments, at times bordering on percussion."
Curated by Steve Peters, co-founder of  Nonsequitur, the event included four sets of improvising trios: trumpets, clarinets, strings and percussion. He called it 4 x 3.

I was lucky to be part of the string trio. It was my first-time playing music with cellist Paul Rucker and a lovely opportunity to continue working with violinist Tari Nelson-Zagar.

Here's a photo of our set...
Byron Au Yong (erhu), Paul Rucker (cello), Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin)
photo by Nate Watters
See full article at CityArts.
Dedicated to intercultural collaboration, Byron Au Yong composes songs of dislocation, music for a changing world. He teaches in Performing Arts & Social Justice at the University of San Francisco.

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