Flashes of Brilliance

FLASHES OF BRILLIANCE: an evening of spontaneous invention in movement, sound and light

Saturday, February 11, 8pm
Velocity Dance Center
1621 12th Avenue
Seattle WA 98122

Witness the sparks of artistic creation at their exact moment of ignition. Movement artists, musicians and lighting designers will teeter between instinct, play and loss of control as they improvise a night of performances that challenges the artists to create work in the moment. The Flashes of Brilliance that ensue will be unique, unrehearsed and will exist for this one night only.

This night of spontaneous invention in movement, music and lighting will benefit Velocity Dance Center’s newly acquired program: the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI).


Movement Artists: Linda Austin, Stephanie Skura, Amelia Reeber, Alia Swersky, Aaron Swartzman, Karen Nelson, Douglas Ridings, Beth Graczyk, Peggy Piacenza, Wade Madsen

Musicians: Byron Au Yong, Angelina Baldoz, Adam Kozie, Tiffany Lin, Beth Fleenor, Paris Hurley

Lighting Designers
: Dave Proscia, Ilvs Strauss

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