Free Showings: Degenerate Art Ensemble

Degenerate Art Ensemble presents free workshop showings this weekend in an office park in West Seattle. Called the Red Shoes Project, the showing features Seattle-based performance artist Haruko Nishimura and Korean-born Bay Area composer/performer Dohee Lee in their first in-depth collaboration. I attended the showing last night. Lee and Nishimura offer extended vocal techniques and a powerful presence together that offer exciting possibilities when further developed.

Dohee Lee
They performed a section based on Little Red Riding Hood with live music and film. The Red Shoes Project will premiere in May/June 2011, as part of the Degenerate Art Ensemble's Exhibition at the Frye Art Museum.

The Red Shoes Workshop Showing includes the talents of:
  • Haruko Nishimura (dance)
  • Jason Puccinelli (scenic design)
  • Ela Lamblin (sculptural instrument)
  • Leo Mayberry (video)
  • Dohee Lee (dance/percussion/voice)
  • Joshua Kohl (music)
  • Jherek Bischoff (music)
  • Christine Tschirgi (costumes)
They have two more free showings tonight and Saturday, January 28-29, 2011, from 7-8pm. Arrive early as seating is limited.

Commerce Center
2414 SW Andover St
Building F-105
Seattle WA 98106