Changing Demographics: Free Forum + Workshops

As a musician based in Seattle, I am excited by the ever-changing influx of immigrant artists and audiences. Year-long events such as the Fest├íl Cultural Festivals, which features 22 weekends filled with music and dance from various local ethnic communities, enliven the Seattle Center and remind me of the oftentimes exhilarating social aspects of performance in local and global contexts.

Next weekend, the Washington State Arts Commission's Arts Participation Leadership Initiative hosts Who’s New in Town? Arts Organizations Respond to Changing Demographics.

Thursday, November 18, 3-5pm
Nesholm Family Lecture Hall, 321 Mercer St, Seattle Center
  • Featured Speaker Salvador Acevedo
  • Guest Demographer Chandler Felt
  • Respondents Lane Czaplinski and Vivian Phillips
Workshops (choose one three-hour session only)
Friday, November 19, 9AM-12PM
Broadway Center Rehearsal Hall Studio #1, Tacoma

Friday, November 19, 2-5PM
Saturday, November 20, 9AM-12PM
Seattle Center House Conference Room H
  • Workshop Leader Salvador Acevedo
  • Facilitator Jerry Yoshitomi
The free Forum + Workshops provide a hands-on approach to grappling with the challenges and opportunities of reaching out to ethnically diverse and new immigrant audiences.

* * *

This is the second in a three-part series supported by The Wallace Foundation. Follow-up materials for part one, Audience Engagement, include a video of the Forum, selected readings and five ideas for arts organizations.

In February 2011, the topic will be Technology and Arts Participation (!)