Bicycle as Spinning Violin

Conscientious about not reviewing works-in-development, Christopher Arnott (New Haven Advocate) wrote an article about the partnership between the International Fesival of Arts & Ideas and the Yale Institute for Music Theater. He undestood the mission of the Institute to pinpoint and develop distinctive and original music theater works.
... there are genuine efforts to find new ways of telling stories, creating characters through song, and arranging those notes for a wider range of instruments.
In addition, Arnott mentioned one of my favorite instruments, an amplified bicycle wheel built by Paul Kikuchi.
OK, so I will reveal one thing about the performance of Stuck Elevator: It’s about a Chinese food delivery person, so among the arsenal of instruments beat by percussionist Candy Chiu was a bicycle wheel which she bowed like a spinning violin.
I'm glad that the bicycle caught Arnott's imagination as librettist Aaron Jafferis and I work on an ending with multiple bicycles.