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Two more days to catch 保重 Farewell before it closes at the Columbia City Gallery. Today I write about Gatemouth a work by sculptor June Sekiguchi.

Sekiguchi was born and raised in Arkansas. She is represented by ArtXchange Gallery and is a member of Shift Collaborative Studio in Seattle and artEAST in Issaquah. Her work is in the collections of King County Portable Works, the Wing Luke Asian Museum, and Chefchaouen Municipality in Morocco. She recently exhibited her work in Chicago and Houston and will be showing in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. She has a bachelors degree in Studio Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

In the doorway called Gatemouth, Sekiguchi incorporates patterns that cross cultures and reference points. Gatemouth is the literal translation of her surname and provides a place where past/present, life/death, and stillness/motion meet. The doorway's lintel, in the shape of a boat-like vessel, rides on the mouth of a river where we are sometimes sure and sometimes unsure, yet realize that to stand at the threshold forever is to never say good-bye.

Quick! If you find yourself stuck in life, indecisive, and shuffling, walk back and forth through Gatemouth. You will make a decision about your next step after crossing through Sekiguchi's work. If you can't decide and keep dilly-dallying, the gallery staff will call the cops to arrest you.


  1. june sekiguchi20.4.10

    Quick! before the cops come and get you going in and out of the gatemouth! haha thanks for the opportunity to work with you and make a piece for the show. From the moment you started describing the show, I could see what I wanted to make. It doesn't always work that way. The Farewell show was a great experience and provided many opportunities to connect with people. Thanks, Byron!! --june


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