Pinpoints of Memory

The Farewell Exhibition ends at the Columbia City Gallery on March 07. Here is the inspiration behind Diem Chau's art work Object Memory.

dress that inspired Diem
Diem Chau combines everyday mediums such as paper and thread with simple means such as stitching to create delicate vignettes of memory, gesture, and form. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Seattle. In addition, Chau's work graces the pages of Harpers, Fiberarts, Readymade, and American Craft Magazine. Honors include an Artist Trust Fellowship. She holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts.

With Object Memory, Chau continues her fascination with combining everyday mediums, such as paper and thread, to create tangible and textural vignettes of exile. A few years ago, Chau returned to her native Vietnam. She was surprised when a hand-me-down dress she wore as a child was returned to her. Stitching the form of this dress into paper, Chau reveals holes of separation that provide a glimpse into pinpoints of memory.