Good-Bye Farewell

"A farewell is necessary before you can meet again." Richard Bach
Thinking about personal moments of leave-taking, I reflect on the meanings of good-bye. How do sounds and objects represent farewell? What are the everyday and magical feelings associated with departure? Where does imagination meet reality when we embark on a journey?

Here's a video response from Ying Zhou called Small Dance.

Ying Zhou is a Beijing-raised/Seattle-based dance artist. She recently performed For These Unclosings, a dance solo directed by new media artist Susie Lee. Zhou's video works are supported by 4Culture and Seattle's Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Her works have been shown in Brazil, China, and Japan as well as local festivals and venues. Some people leave to search for one place and find themselves in too many places. When Zhou relocated from Beijing to study geography in the United States, she found herself in multiple locations. Now a dancer and mother, Zhou feels her body stretched and floating, tensed and relaxed. The video work Small Dance juxtaposes Zhou's physical body with landscapes of Beijing, Yunnan, and Issaquah. When somebody leaves, there continue to be traces of all the places they have been and wish to go.