Seattle Times FAREWELL Preview

Michael Upchurch has written an insightful preview about FAREWELL: A Fantastical Contemplation on America’s Relationship with China to be premiered by Spectrum Dance Theatre February 18-20, 2010, at The Moore Theatre.

Here are pull quotes about the music:
The sound—with its Chinese melodies, radio newscasts, Maoist propaganda and snippets of Beethoven—is all-enveloping....

(Donald) Byrd relishes having a score created from scratch. “The advantage of it is that everything is new. There’s more back-and-forth and give-and-take, rather than the dance trying to conform to what already exists. So the music adjusts just as the dance adjusts.”

.... Au Yong’s score is similarly multistranded, ranging from melodies of ravishing beauty on traditional Chinese instruments to sound collages akin to the Beatles’ “Revolution No. 9.”
Check out the entire preview called "Spectrum’s latest show contemplates geopolitics and up-close, high-energy dance" (PDF) published in The Seattle Times on February 13, 2010.