Farewell International Examiner Preview

Roxanne Ray wrote a preview of Donald Byrd & Spectrum Dance Theatre’s upcoming production of Farewell: A Fantastical Contemplation on America’s Relationship with China. I composed the music performed by Paul Kikuchi, Tiffany Lin and me on Chinese percussion, cello, er-hu, bicycle wheels, cassette tape players and recorded soundscape collage. Working with Donald, the 13 dancers and the rest of the Spectrum creative team has been intense and revealing.

Here’s an excerpt:
Au Yong brings more than music to this new work, confronting his own questions of freedom and justice. “I have learned that history is full of mistakes and that the media thrives on reporting about injustice,” he says. “My question is, does journalism build a more ethical society? I am suspicious of a veiled subjectivity masquerading as objectivity.” 
In “Farewell,” those explorations are never simple. “The Cultural Revolution ballet quotes cause a visceral reaction of horror and pride in me,” Au Yong says.