Creativity Workshops

Up next, I teach two creativity workshops for Portland Taiko. This is an expansion of a workshop I taught at the North American Taiko Conference in Los Angeles over the summer.

The workshop is called Seven Ways to Develop Material. Here's a description:

Do you have great ideas but need to know how to turn your thoughts into a composition? Learn seven ways to expand craft and creativity to create compelling music. These tools can help produce work that takes risks, develops material, and engages the audience. Together, we will expand the space between our ears to complete unfinished works or refine existing catastrophes.

There will be two workshops. The first workshop introduces seven ways to approach creating a musical performance. In between the two workshops, students will use these tools to develop musical material. In the second workshop, four to five participants will share their developed material.

In preparation for the first workshop, I've asked participants to come with:
  1. A list of 20 ways music is used. For example one way would be wedding music.
  2. A list of 20 audience types. For example one type would be farmers.
  3. One musical idea you are working on, with, around, or in. The idea should be on paper and can be drawings, words, musical notation, or a combination of any/all of the above.
Seven Ways to Develop Material will cover the following:
  1. Function What and who is the music for?
  2. Concept How does the work access imagination?
  3. Structure Does the form promote the concept?
  4. Time Where does the performance take the audience?
  5. Timbre When do in/significant moments happen?
  6. Filter How does the music breathe?
  7. Notation How can the work be remembered/documented most effectively?