Bret's Amazing Mind

After meeting with writer/director/theatre-maker Bret Fetzer, I had insight on two matters:
  1. Violence as a Solution
  2. Celebrity as Politician
Bret and I discussed our fascination with the Fort Hood Shootings. He said that ever since the 90s in America, violence has become a solution.

We also spoke about the transfer of empire and how the state will increasingly be ruled by celebrity personas. The aura of the celebrity fuels feelings of inadequacy and encourages increased spending which oils capitalism and silences multiple voices.

I realized that advanced capitalism and social democracy are inherently at odds with each other. The day after Thanksgiving is known as both Black Friday and the National Day of Listening. Black Friday, a way to lubricate the capitalist economic and social system, had extensive media coverage while the National Day of Listening, more akin to a democratic forum, had only one article from the major press.

Perhaps with time this will change.