Piao Zhu: Flying Bamboo

Ceremonial Music
for voices, drums, cymbals, gongs, bamboo, fiddle, mouth harp, water

Piao Zhu 飄竹: Flying Bamboo is a contemporary performance inspired by the legend of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove – a band of Chinese scholars and poets who met to escape political and societal duress during the 3rd century BCE.

A Piao Zhu 飄竹: Flying Bamboo performance includes music and movement with a focus on social action and artistic wonder. The ensemble is available to perform for various functions with one to four musicians.

Duration variable

Performances include the Community Arts Day Celebration for Bainbridge Performing Arts, the Arts-in-Nature Festival, and additional events throughout the Pacific Northwest

Piao Zhu 飄竹 premiered as a two-hour event at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, May 2006

Past and current performers include Tophe Anderson, Byron Au Yong, Kelsey Furuta, Paul Kikuchi, Tiffany Lin, Karen Lindenberg, Karen Akada Sakata, and Ying Zhou

Press Quote
“Piao Zhu, in English ‘flying bamboo,’ a new dance/percussion/chant meditation/ritual by Byron Au Yong, whose interdisciplinary works are as exquisite and imaginative as they are unclassifiable.”
Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly Pick

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