Risk/Reward Tech Ordeal

Last Saturday, percussionist/instrument builder Paul Kikuchi and I performed Kuang in a Stuck Elevator excerpt as part of Hand2Mouth's Risk/Reward New Performance Festival at the Imago Theatre in Portland. The sound cues were totally messed up, leaving Paul and I holding the show together while gritting our teeth. When Kuang opens the fortune cookie at the end of the excerpt, I breathed a sigh of release glad to be finished with the ordeal.

This is what the fortune read: "Your mind will make your body rich."

My mind stayed focused while my body tensed during this difficult performance. Even though I was forced to sing over the wrong recordings, silently wondering how to tell the tech director and sound board operator to turn off the audio, the Portland audience was highly responsive.

The Risk/Reward Festival has a convivial feel and the larger stage helped the sense of isolation for this excerpt. Thanks to Hand2Mouth for hosting this version of Stuck Elevator and to Paul for being my onstage comrade as we were trapped performing in technical difficulties.