Stuck Elevator workshops in NYC

Back from New York with good news:

Aaron Jafferis and I will be Artists-in-Residence at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Aaron and I have been working on Stuck Elevator, an operatic solo performance about the Chinese delivery man who was trapped in a Bronx elevator for three days. I am excited to workshop this super-heroic stationary journey with A/P/A.

In New York, A/P/A greats Laura and Alex took me to the Chen Dance Center and Museum of Chinese in America. At CDC, H.T. wowed us with his performing carp and intimate venue.  The black box theatre was surprisingly quiet given that it was in New York's Chinatown. I look forward to interacting with the audience during our workshop performances about an undocumented Chinese immigrant from New York.

Cynthia and Beatrice at MoCA discussed programming possibilities in the new Museum designed by Maya Lin. Touring the space under construction was phenomenal. Surrounded by glass, concrete, steel, and wood is a central courtyard with natural light. The walls of the courtyard are the original brick from the former garment worker's building. Lin has created a place in New York's Chinatown that reinterprets the meaning of the Chinese home in a city known for immigrants.

Aaron and I begin Stuck Elevator workshops this September.