Flirting with Toy Pianos and Ping Pong Balls

I've delivered a new work Flirt to pianist Tiffany Lin. The portable toy piano and ping pong ball interludes are to be performed in any order, throughout the program and venue.

The music takes an absurdest approach with:
  • lip smacks
  • whistle-tones
  • popping baubles
  • airplane swoops
  • terrier yelps
  • and an inverted C Major chord
Perhaps I've been spending too much time alone flirting with toy pianos and ping pong balls?

Tif premieres this work as part of Piano Racket! Also on the program are a guest appearance by The Toy Boat and a world premiere by Kraig Grady.

Friday, March 13, 2009, 8PM
Chapel Performance Space
4649 Sunnyside Ave N
Seattle WA 98103 USA
Tickets $5-$15

Dedicated to intercultural collaboration, Byron Au Yong composes songs of dislocation, music for a changing world. He teaches in Performing Arts & Social Justice at the University of San Francisco.

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