Science proves that I compose the most hated music

Composer and scientist Dave Soldier polled 500+ people to discover what elements people liked and hated in music. This was based on Komar and Melamid's Most Wanted Paintings project.

Soldier discovered that people hated:
  • opera
  • rap
  • children's choirs
  • bagpipes
  • accordion
  • banjo
  • harp
  • tuba
  • flute
  • holiday music
  • store jingles
  • cowboy songs
Soldier compiled these elements and more into the Most Unwanted Song. It is on the album the The People's Choice: Music. The album also includes the Most Wanted Song - an R&B narrative about love.

I am partial to the Most Unwanted Song. How could anyone not like a rapping opera singer backed up by a children's choir singing about Wal*Mart and Yom Kippur?