A 24-hour Blindfold Dance?

This New Year's Eve, I help dancer Tonya Lockyer with the performance/protest/ritual freedom of information. Conceived and performed in New York by Miguel Gutierrez, the event responds to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afganistan with a 24-hour solo improvisation.

Tonya and other performers across the United States are blindfolded and ear-plugged in a contemplative act of solidarity with those who live with the repercussions of war. All performers must continually move in this sensory-deprived state for 24 hours.

Here's a list of freedom of information 2008 states and performers:

Alabama – Rhea Speights
Alaska – Kyli Kleven
Arizona – Aileen Mapes
Arkansas – Malinda Allen
California – Jesse Hewit
Colorado – Lily Brown-Johnson
Connecticut – David Dorfman
Florida – Heather Maloney
Georgia – Diana Crum
Hawaii – Brianna Skellie
Illinois – Marissa Perel
Iowa – Amanda Hamp
Kentucky – Ben Asriel
Maryland – Sharon Mansur
Massachusetts – Jesse Zaritt
Michigan – Marlee Cook-Parrott
Minnesota – Morgan Thorson
Montana – Harmony Wolfe
New Hampshire – Gregory Holt
New Jersey – Joshua Bisset
New York – Miguel Gutierrez
North Carolina – Janice Lancaster
Ohio – Lena Lauer
Oregon – Tahni Holt
Pennsylvania – Jung-Eun Kim
Tennessee – Layard Thompson
Texas – Daniel Adame
Vermont – Selene Colburn
Virginia – Zap McConnell
Washington – Tonya Lockyer
Washington, D.C. – Maida Withers
West Virginia – Katherine Ferrier

The performance in Washington State happens at TK Lofts in Seattle. I will be there to make sure Tonya is safe between 7 to 8pm. Come check it out, or view the live video feeds of performances across the country.