Happy New Year

Year of the Fire (Hot) Dog Forecast
Gregorian Year 2006 | Chinese Year 4703

Increased protests, confrontations, and revolts from environmental and humanitarian activists who rally to alleviate and prevent suffering. Decreased materialism as individuals re-evaluate their values and lifestyles. The Dog's attentive focus ensures that honesty and fairness prevail. The virtuous and loyal succeed at their endeavors.

Previous Year of the Fire Dog History
Gregorian Year 1946 | Chinese Year 4643

During the previous Fire Dog Year:

  • Women in Japan, Belgium, Romania, Yugoslavia, Argentina, and Quebec were allowed to vote

  • The Philippines, Jordan, Syria, and Indonesia gained independence

  • Ho Chi Minh was elected president of North Vietnam

  • The UN Security Council held its first session

  • The first digital computer was dedicated

  • The Cannes Film Festival debuted

  • World War II officially ended

  • Civil war in China intensified

  • UNICEF was founded