YIJU in The Stranger

The Stranger
Here are excerpts from Christopher DeLaurenti’s review of YIJU 移居:
“Shrouded in black, composer Byron Au Yong’s YIJU: Songs of Dislocation is an orrery of memory, an attempt to chart the composer’s recollections and speculations about his musician grandfather who emigrated from China in the 1930s. What kind of music might they have made together?

Au Yong replies with scattered sounds of an erhu (Chinese fiddle), rattles, and clattering percussion (including one of those small tam-tams that makes a boingy “pang”) mingled with sparse cries, sighs, muttering, grunts, chants, and half-sung words. Projected onto hanging whorls of aluminum mesh designed by John Pai, blurred text images of Au Yong’s nursing home-bound grandfather, and videos of filmmaker Chishan Lin’s father capture the fleeting nature of memory perfectly.”
The Stranger, 16-22 December 2004