Too many blogs. I have too many blogs, so many that this sketch blog gets scant attention. For new works now, I start a whole new blog. How can I keep them all together in my head? Won't the dashboard become so full that blogs start flying out at me as I drive through various creative projects?

For now, I think the best solution is to continue this sketch blog by posting miscellaneous ideas that don't necessarily fit into larger productions. ELEVATOR and THE O. BROS. TAKE FOLK CHINATOWN will have another site. I will also be more proactive with my Ear Pieces. This sketch blog, like my life, in continual flux.

This gets me to BECOMING, which premieres on Friday. It's been such a great experience working with the musicians, the kind of experience where I don't have much to write about. Here are some of the tracks:

invisible | duration 3:00

play in a new window

balloon | duration 2:08

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turtle | duration 1:49

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Credits are on my press blog. See, so many places to go thanks to Blogger. How many blogs do you have going? Let me know by posting comments.