On Ensemble's Dust and Sand

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On Ensemble has released their first compact disc called Dust and Sand. They included my work Two by Four, for nagauta voice and taiko as part of the recording.

I remember when I wrote Two by Four in 2003. I visited the musicians in Mt. Shasta where they were rehearsing. One night, Shoj, his dad, Mas, Kris, and I huddled under the piercing stars on a summer evening. I fell asleep listening to their deep voices tell stories from the past. In my slumber, I discovered that Two by Four was about creating an alternate story for North American taiko music based on noise and the ephemeral quality of stars. Being near a sacred mountain, I was reminded to listen and feel the night in this way, calmly taking in the activity of nature.

Listening to On Ensemble’s recording, I hover in that summer dream space again, fascinated by how the taiko and gongs cross between Latin and Japanese, between past and future, and between myself and the night-mountain sky.