Peanut Butter

At the sink again
At the single sink again.

With a spoon again
With a tablespoon again.

All I want is peanut butter
Oh delicious peanut protein
Oh delicious buttery feeling
From this glass.

8 grams
Protein energy
Crunchy creamy energy.

8 grams
Serving size is two
Serving size is really two

Tablespoons of peanut butter
Just two bites of peanut protein
Just two licks of buttery feeling
Of temptation.

On this empty jar
Back of the lid and jar.

Gulping on a lick
Gulping, choking on a lick of

Pungent peanut, tasty butter,
Just a lick of peanut protein
Just a lick of buttery feeling
For my desperation.

As I stand
As I think
Stand apart
At my sink
Part of kitchen
On the brink
Kitchen table
Missing link
Table soaring
While I shrink
Soaring boxes
As I sink
Boxes empty
Boxes pink
Empty stories
Smeared with ink
Bashing crashing
Lying prying
Never never

(Where’s my knife?)

I can justify
I can always justify.

Of a flying star
Trapped in this sad memoir.

Lyrics © 2005 by Byron Au Yong