Entering the Gallery

I’ve been walking. A lot. I've been walking so much that my favorite traveling shoes have fallen apart. Actually, my right shoe got caught in rolling luggage. The result, a floppy sandwich of dirty leather, worn by the crusty snow of Manhattan, the fallen incense of Ubud, the beetle-nut spit of Taipei, and the oily rainwater of Los Angeles.

Sometimes, as I travel from New York to Seattle, or even walk up four flights of stairs to my tiny studio in the East Village, I get trapped (like my right shoe got trapped) on baggage. This pause in my routine reminds me that I hide wishes and insecurities by always being on the move.

Entering this handmade, technological garden of songs and images, I pause, leave my broken shoes, and walk towards an uncertain future.

Text panel ideas for YIJU 移居 Songs of Dislocation