Audio Recording
for er-hu (Chinese fiddle), euphonium, Irish flute, Noh voices, shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), string bass, tabla, taiko, trombone, dhung chen (Tibetan long horns), voices, and xun (clay flute)

“There is the sense of field recordings and yet, compositionally, there is also an insistence of academic modernism.”
~Jon Gierlich, International Examiner

Unusual instruments and vocal techniques produce a theatrical music that evokes secret rituals in this audio recording called Walking.

Audio Excerpt

Producer Notes
“Stirring, meditative, but distinctively contemporary music by Byron Au Yong, drawing upon traditional Asian aesthetics and instruments.

There is a highly ritualistic quality to Au Yong’s music, especially in Walking, which features Noh Theater vocal techniques and percussion. The compositions also include Stirring and Weaving. The latter is a shakuhachi solo composed at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.”
~Herb Levy, Periplum Records

Creative Team
Byron Au Yong, composer
Doug Haire, audio engineer
Ellen Fullman, CD designer

Karen Akada, voice, taiko, gong, rattle
Byron Au Yong, voice, taiko, gong, er-hu
David Crandall and Yukie Iotomi, noh voice
David Goldman, clay flute, taiko, dhung chen
Frank Minoru Phillips, tabla, trombone, clay flute, taiko
Greg Ohme, euphonium
Peter Joon Park, dhung chen
Dennis Staskowski, string bass
Aiko Shimada, voice
Hanz Araki, Irish flute, whistle, shakuhachi
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, shakuhachi

2001 Release by Periplum Records
Recorded at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle
Available at Amazon.com