Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas
Seattle Symphony Day of Music
2016 Ecomusicologies
What are the relationships between music, culture and the environment?

In April 2016, Westminster Choir College at Rider University in Princeton, NJ, hosts Locations and Dislocations: An Ecomusicological Conversation.

Questions at stake include how listeners (dis)locate sounds; how sounds both emanate from and shape their environments; whether some sounds are un-locateable; and how technologies splice, combine and compress sounds into new places.

I will give the keynote.

Program Committee
· Justin Burton (Rider University)
· Kate Galloway (Memorial University)
· Eric Hung (Westminster Choir College)
· Rachel Mundy (Rutgers University)
· Ryan Taussig (Eastman School of Music)

Proposals Due December 1, 2015
Submissions on any aspect of ecomusicology and from any academic discipline considered.

Formats include panels, papers, performance lectures, workshops, performances, and films.

Visit Locations and Dislocations: An Ecomusicological Conversation for details.

2015 Performance Highlights
Sold out performances in Philadelphia and Seattle include TURBINE, for moving choir along the water and Mò Shēng 墨声 Ink Sound, for string quartet.
TURBINE · Leah Stein Dance Company & Mendelssohn Club · Fairmount Water Works · Philadelphia
Mò Shēng 墨声 Ink Sound · Frye Art Museum · Seattle
Dedicated to intercultural collaboration, Byron Au Yong composes songs of dislocation, music for a changing world. Examples include Farewell: a fantastical contemplation on America’s relationship with China, commissioned by Spectrum Dance Theatre, Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas, 64 musical miniatures based on the I Ching 易經, and Stuck Elevator, a comic-rap-scrap-metal-opera.

Byron Au Yong: Yiju
Byron Au Yong: Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas
Kidnapping Water:
Bottled Operas
Byron Au Yong & Christopher Yohmei Blasdel: BreathPlay